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Planning your holidays?

How about visiting the vibrant islands of Goa?


Goa, the paradise of beauty, the land of greenery, beautiful sunsets and scrumptious cuisines is a lot more than you ever thought. It is not just about beaches and parties but also a place of solitude, serenity and rejuvenation. If you are a person who hates parties and loves to spend some time away from the crowd and buzz of the city, then these islands of Goa that we would be talking about would be just the thing for you.


Here are the 10 best remote  islands in Goa that is a must-visit if you are out for some real fun averting the crowd


Divar Island


Known for the charismatic view of the place and the magnificent Portuguese architecture. If looking for a serene place to spend the weekend away from the pompous city Divar Island is the perfect place for you. Along with the captivating beauty of the place you can also look out for the beautiful churches of the place for experiencing the true essence of Goa. A famous festival named Bonderam garners a lot of tourist attractions along with beaches and scenic beauty.

Location- Situated 8 miles away from Old Goa you can reach there via a ferry or boat service based on the location you want to go.


Chorao Island


If are you a vintage lover then this is the perfect place for you to explore. It consists of old charm bungalows and buildings that enhance the essence of the place. The architecture of these places is worth watching over and over again. Apart from this if you are a wildlife lover then it’s the most ideal place for you to be in it. The major tourist attraction of this place is the Salim Ali bird sanctuary. Every year about 500 migratory bird species visit this place. You would also find some deadly crocodiles in the mushes of the mangrove forests. It is known to be the largest isle in the state.


Location- It is nearly 5 km away from the capital of the city. You are needed to head towards Ribandar from there taking a ferry you would reach Chorao.


Butterfly Island 

Butterfly island as the name suggests resembles a butterfly about to fly. Located away from the hustle and bustle of the main city serves as an ideal place for some solitude. Also known as the honeymoon island for couples due to its perfect ambience. Furthermore, the place is widely popular for water sports. It is a perfect place for photography, water activities and scenic beauty.


Location- Located in the southern part of Palolem island. You can reach there by taking a ferry from Palolem or Agonda island.


Canacona Island 

This island was completely inhabited by monkeys earlier hence also known as monkey island. Later due huge traffic of visitors, the population got reduced by a huge number. Though you can still spot a few even today. Known for its scenic beauty and subtle beaches. perfect place to spend some time with your family there.


Location- It takes less than ten minutes to reach Canacona Island from Palolem island via ferry.


Sao Jacinto Island 

One of the smallest islands in Goa situated a bit far from the main city away from the crowd makes it a place of comfort for many. Since the 20th century, the ancestors of Sao Jacinto pledged to never sell any parts of the island and the place is known for its integrity. The lush green islands, interacting with the locals and exploring the beaches is the best thing to do once your reach there.


Location- It is well connected from all places of Goa. If you are on the NH17 highway then travel along the Vasco-Panaji coastal highway and then cross the silver gate bridge to reach there.


Raneache savour 

It is considered one of the most stunning beaches in Goa. Perfect for solo trips to take a break from your monotonous life. Thai islands have got some of the best scenic beauty followed by some exciting water activities. It is a small island with a breadth of less than 0.5km and a length of one and a half km.


Location- A bridge connects this tiny island with the rest part of Goa. All you need is a car to reach there from the main city.


Pequeno Island

Looking for a place that complements adventure and serenity then your search is over as Pequeno Island is the answer. Also famous by the name of bat island it offers some stunning views, lesser crowds and clean water to swim. Snorkelling is a major activity done by tourists due to its super clean water.


Location- Just a kilometre away from Baina beach. Hop into a ferry or boat from Vasco Da Gama and reach in no time.


Vanxim Island

This island is widely popular for fishing and is also known as the fisherman’s island. The island is also famous for its rich Portuguese architecture, churches and cemeteries. Along with this, the church of Santo Christo is a notable name. It is located on the banks of river Mandovi and has got lush green surroundings.


Location- Being a remote island you won’t be able to reach out to this place directly you first need to get yourself into Divar island and then take a ferry to reach Vanxim.


Grande Island

This is one of the most famous isles worldwide. It has got some of the best captivating views, an abundance of water activities and amazing weather. The view of Aquada fort, Central jail and the famous lighthouse is ravishing. Did I tell you you can spot some friendly dolphins too there?

Next time when you are in Goa don’t miss out on this place as you are depriving yourself of something this spectacular. Some fun water activities here include scuba diving, snorkelling and swimming.


Location- You need to reach Panaji first and from there via a boat, you can reach Grande Island for a grand experience.


Cumbarja Island

Known for its scenic beauty and crocodiles. the place is widely famous for its sunsets and lush green forest. It stays calm and serene all throughout the years and is a bit away from the crowds of the main city. Perfect place for spending some alone time with your loved ones.


Location- You can reach Cumbarja island from the Cumbarja canal directly.


These are a few of our suggestions and we would love it if you would follow these for an exciting adventurous trip to goa. Try these islands out instead of the major tourist attraction and you would thank us later for these.

Bon voyage!!


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