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Malvan Water Sports Packages For An Enticing Experience!

Malvan is a city of archaic aesthetic beauty that gives it a chic look due to the influence of a thriving Portuguese Colony from history. The place is magnificent, with serene, picturesque beaches, ancient buildings and churches from the colonial era. 

It is the perfect spot for those who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life and want to avoid the loud, energetic party vibes of Goa. It is a place of calmness, tranquillity and peace of mind. You can enjoy your vacation here in the lap of nature, gazing at waves and getting lost in their magnificence. Apart from these, you can make the best use of Malvan water sports packages for an unforgettable experience in the waters. For Malvan water sports booking, you can contact us to get the best deals and dive into the magic of Malvan Waters.

Malvan offers the perfect escape from your monotonous life by giving you an all-new experience. In this article, we will unfold all the fantastic water sports activities you can avail yourself of while at Malvan for a joyous vacation.

Konkan Tours and Travels have brought a complete Malvan water sports package that incorporates all the popular water sports activities such as Scuba Diving, Parasailing, Jet Skiing Ride, Banana Ride, Speed boat, Bumper Ride, Snorkelling, Flyboarding, Dolphin watching, Kayaking and many more. 


Here is a list of all the water sports activities available at Malvan for an exciting experience.


Water Activities that Are Mostly Included in Malvan Water Sports Package 


1. Snorkeling


  • The most exciting underwater sport for everybody. 
  • Whether you know swimming is not a parameter here. You will receive a brief training session, so no worries about that. 
  • You are provided with enough knowledge about the equipment and all safety measures for overall protection.
  • There are almost no risks associated with it.
  • People of 10 years and above can easily give it a try. 
  • You can enjoy this activity at Tondavali Beach, Tsunami Beach, and Tarkarli Beach. 
  • The pocket pinch is around INR 1000.


2.Scuba Diving


  • Do you want to touch the vibrant coral reefs with your bare hands and witness the marine life with your own eyes? Then scuba diving is something you should give a try. 
  • PDAI certified scuba trainer will teach you everything with utmost care and accompany you along the best places for an invigorating experience.
  • The usual range maintained during scuba diving is 10-30 ft deep. You can use this for 20-30 minutes according to your requirements.
  • Tarkarli Beach, Devbag Sangam, Vengurla Rocks and Chivla Beach are the best beaches.
  • You can enjoy this underwater magical experience at a pocket pinch of around INR 700. 



  • All of us at one point desired to be a bird and fly high in the sky, right? We can’t turn you into a bird, but we can make you fly with this Malvan water sport.
  • In this thrilling sport, a rope of a particular measure is attached to a speed boat which is then pulled by the ship at great speed.
  • The rope stays tightly attached to your body, so as the boat moves, you reach a great height in the air. You get a flying experience while you can indulge in the understanding of enjoying the view of both the sea and the sky. 
  • Parasailing is a water sport that two people can enjoy at a time.
  • You can avail this enticing experience at Achara Beach and Devbagh Beach.
  • This excellent water activity can be enjoyed at around INR 800 or more pocket peach.

4.Jet Skiing


    • If diving into water scares you, you can try jet skiing for a wholesome experience of Malvan waters.
    • It is the best pick for non-swimmers.
    • It is a water sport where you are provided with a water scooter or a jet ski to get a fantastic ride on the water.
    • The water scooters have a speed of around 65 to 110 km/hr.
    • It takes you along to skim across the beautiful water’s surface. 
    • The water scooter can take the weight of two persons at a time with a combined weight not crossing more than 180 kg.
    • You can enjoy this water sport at Devbagh Beach, Tarkarli or Tsunami Beach.
    • The pocket pinch for this thrilling ride is around INR 990.





  • Another thrilling and rejuvenating water sport involves using a small human-powered boat called a Kayak, which derives its name from Kayaking.
  • You can enjoy the great waters of Malvan on this boat with the help of a double-blade paddle.
  • You can explore it alone, but the facility to enjoy it with a group is also available if you opt for a tandem kayak.
  • This is also a great exercise as both your arms and legs are in full action to maneuver your boat. So make sure you are physically fit and can do such work before jumping into such water activity.
  • You can enjoy kayaking at the beaches of Devbagh, Tarkarli and Tsunami. 
  • You can expect a pocket pinch of around INR 800 for this water sport.


6.Speed Boat Ride 



  • It is the ideal water activity for high-speed lovers.
  • It is akin to a jetski, but the only difference is that it has a capacity of 6-7 persons.
  • It has a speed of around 80 km/hr
  • You get a gush of fresh air while enjoying the cool water splashes.
  • It is a prevalent activity in the months from October to May.
  • You can enjoy these water sports at Malvan Beach or Tarkarli Beach.
  • This thrilling experience is available at a pocket pinch of around INR 600

These are our top picks for an exciting experience with the water sport package Malvan. Malvan is a perfect destination with an exotic blend of rich culture, ancient architecture, serene beaches, scrumptious delectables and a spiritually rich place due to its calmness. This article has been helpful to you.

If you need assistance reading itineraries and accommodations at Malvan, Konkan Tours and Travels can help you with the best affordable or luxury travel packages according to your preferences. We assure you to deliver a service that will provide you with an unforgettable memorable experience.

For any further queries, call us at +919004350073 to get in touch with us regarding accommodations in Malvan.

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